Cupini’s Italia is excited to offer you a quick and easy way to generate revenue through its new Affiliate Program. Learn how to take advantage of this great opportunity to receive $300-$500 from each converted referral for our travel packages!

There are two ways to make a commission using our program.

The first is through our Affiliate Referral Program:
Using this program, you simply refer your customers or friends to our travel package(s) and give them a code that we generate for you that is unique to your company.  When your referral enters the code during the booking/deposit process, (using the Zozi platform), we will in turn give the customer a premium photo package upgrade and cooking package, (a $595 value) and also provide you with a $300 commission.

The second option is through our Direct Affiliate Referral Program:
In this case, you are directly signing customers up for us, or referring them to us for booking.  In this instance, you can sign them up directly using a separate promo code given to you that results in a $500 commission.  However, in this case there is not the offering of the free photo package or cooking package. 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or ways we can assist you.

 (816) 753 - 7662 or