Notes for Josh Hodapp
Vice President - Operations at Dean and Deluca

Mr. Hodapp,

Thank you for taking the time to look at the product/service that Cupini's Italia has put together in 'Luxury Culinary Travel.'  Cupini's Italia has been taking groups of 14 people to experience the culinary gems that Italy has to offer while visiting Rome and Florence.  We offer hands on cooking classes, truffle hunting, wine making and more.  Below is a quick video in regards to our travel packages:

Cupini's Italia 'See • Feel • Taste - Italy'

As you can see, we have a travel package that is immersed in Italian culinary, as well as highlighting the must see locations in Italy.  We have learned over the years what creates an amazing experience for our customers and are looking to broaden our market.  At Cupini's we are looking for a partner that can help us reach a larger audience and thus is the idea to offer our travel packages as an offering through Dean and Deluca.  We have a well-organized and fine-tuned product that we believe is a unique luxury offering that would pair well with Dean and Deluca.  Whether it is a product to sell through the D&D brand, or to rebrand the offering as a D&D product, we believe this could grow into a great opportunity for both parties.  Long term, we will be bringing in various Italia packages that include various olive oils, balsamic, wines and foods that will correlate with the travel.  Further, we will include cooking and travel books as well as live online cooking classes from Italy.  Currently, we are working with various travel agencies throughout the country and have built a strong network that will continue to grow through 2018.  An exclusive partnership with Dean and Deluca would add a stronger association with quality and could increase quantity of packages and MSRP.

Thank you for any considerations in this regard and I would love to have an exploratory discussion to provide you with any details and listen to any feedback you may have in this venture.

I have also included a link to our travel brochure below, and please take a second to peruse the website to see a little more about our unique culinary offering.  Ciao!

Cupini's Italia Itinerary PDF

Cupini's Italia Itinerary PDF