When you travel with Cupini's Italia, you have a team of concierges here to support you and assist you throughout your journey.  You don't have to worry about a single thing - including taking pictures!  Here's profiles of the team below:

Eddie Cupini

Edward was born in Italy and has lived on and off ever since.  He has been in the restaurant industry since the age of 7, beginning under the watchful eye of father Franco.  He is the Co-Owner/CEO of Cupini's Inc. of 14 years, lifetime restauranteur, and expert in pasta and Italian culinary.  As CEO of Cupini's Edward has enjoyed national media attention on multiple levels, ranging from USA Today to the Food Network, accompanied with continued claims to successful Zagat reviews.  Edward has diversified the product that Cupini's offers, expanding from not only a restaurant, but offering retail products, catering, cooking classes, and culinary trips throughout Italy.

Matthew Mullinger

Matthew has been with Cupini's Inc. for 11 years and has helped to grow and develop multiple aspects of Cupini's company.  From developing marketing efforts to co-authoring Cupini's first interactive cookbook and launching Cupini's tele-presence beta cooking classes Matthew has helped Cupini's innovate and grow. One of his proudest days was the world-record breaking noodle event where the company built the world's longest noodle over 2100 feet long.

Edward Leahy

Edward is a graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography and started his career in the visual world as an assistant to a Fine Art black and white photographer in Santa Barbara, CA.  After many years of working his way thru the Log Angeles Film and Video industry, he has worked with some of the top fashion and video shooters of the day such as David LaChappelle, Michael Haber and produced images for household brands suchs as LL Bean, Target and BCBG.  He found his way working with Cupini's helping to expand the telepresence cooking classes, to doing photo shoots in Italy on culinary trips and most currently photographing the latest cookbook.

Luciano Tenca

Luciano founded TAM Autonoleggi in 1990 with his brother Raniero.  He is a current resident of the Lazio region and operates throughout Italy.  Lucaino has been working with the Cupini's for the past 6 years on various Italy excursions providing excellent transportation and care.  With his absolute punctuality and in depth knowledge of the region, he is a great asset to the team.